All Dance Lessons (Group and Private) are

at the Simpsonville Studio


                   SIMPSONVILLE STUDIO
632 N E Main Street
Simpsonville, SC  29681




Private Dance Instruction

Private Lessons are a great way to get individualized instruction from our certified instructors and also learn at an accelerated rate.  Learning is much faster on a Private lesson, as we can teach to your strengths and weaknesses.  The learning rate on a private lesson is 3 times the learning rate in a group environment.   All private lessons are 1 hour.   

Prices ?   No Contracts, No Large Down Payments, EVER! 

 You always know how much you are paying for each lesson.  

1 Private Lesson (1 hr), 105.00/person or/couple.   Pay as you go. Purchase one lesson at a time.  

5 Private Lessons (5 hrs), $500.00/person or/couple = $100.00 hr/person or/couple ( A $25 savings for buying 5 private lessons one at a time!)   

The Choice is Yours!  

Private Lessons are taught at our SIMPSONVILLE STUDIO

Simpsonville Location:

632 NE Main Street
Simpsonville, SC  29681


Lesson Cancellation Policy
We hope you attend all your scheduled lessons; however, we understand that occasionally unforeseen issues may interfere.  

Our teaching time is valuable.  

If you have a scheduling conflict,  in order to avoid being charged for your lesson, we ask that you give us at least an eight (8) hour notice. 

Contact Enjoy Dance (TEXT ARE WELCOM) at  864.414.8851 or for more information on our amazing
Private Lesson Dance Instruction in our Simpsonville location.

















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